If there’s one word that sums up the hottest trends in kitchen design for 2014, that word would have to be “cool.” Homeowners in Long Island are increasingly choosing cooler color palettes, opting for more contemporary styles and looking for fixtures that feature ultra-cool technologies. Even those that love the warmth and coziness of traditional kitchens are asking for designs with a clean fresh look. Streamlined functionality is becoming as important as personal style. Here are five kitchen design trends sure to deliver the cool factor to Long Island kitchens in 2014.

Tracking the Evolution of Decorative Kitchen Styles

2012 marked the year that the traditional kitchen style was overtaken in popularity by the transitional decorative style, which is an eclectic blend of modern and traditional designs. For 2014, designers are predicting that contemporary styles with a modern European flair will gain traction as homeowners continue to focus on functionality over heavy ornamentation. That doesn’t mean the traditional designs have completely fallen out of favor, however. Traditional decorative styles like Shaker that can adapt to a range of design applications still hold the top spots.

Artfully Designed Cabinets for Clutter-Free Countertops

High-quality countertops make a strong style statement in a hard-working kitchen, so it’s no surprise that homeowners in Long Island want to showcase the space. There’s a strong desire to keep countertops free of any item that might distract from a kitchen’s high-style design. Whether it’s multi-level upper cabinets with clever built-ins or base cabinets equipped with roomy roll-out drawers, artfully designed cabinets keep everything accessible without cluttering counters.

Colors on the Cool Spectrum Come to the Fore

The global marketplace has opened up options for wood cabinetry, and Long Island homeowners can now enjoy a broader selection of wood varieties than ever before. Natural woods that complement cool shades on the color wheel, including certain species of walnut, maple and birch, are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to painted cabinetry, color trends evolve slowly. For the last several years, white and off-white have held the lead. In the coming year, designers expect shades of gray to continue to make a strong showing as well.

Modern Kitchen Islands Takes Cues from the Past

While there’s an increasing demand for kitchen designs that add convenience to cooking and clean-up chores, there’s an equally strong desire for furnishings that make the space look less like a laboratory and more like other living spaces. The changing kitchen island is a perfect example. Discriminating homeowners want the kitchen’s centerpiece to look and feel like a stylish piece of furniture. Trending styles evoke the look and appeal of cozy kitchen tables of the past.

High-Tech Solutions for Your Busy Lifestyle

Built-in phone niches may have disappeared completely from today’s modern kitchens, but that doesn’t mean the people don’t want features that keep them connected in high-tech style. More and more consumers are asking for built-in docking and charging stations for their portable smart devices. There’s a strong focus on smart kitchen appliances and fixtures too. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in kitchen faucets. Although low-tech fixtures like pull-out faucets are still in high demand, the latest craze is for touch- or motion-activated fixtures.

While it’s hard to predict which kitchen trends will stand the test of time, with all of the new developments in kitchen design, it’s clear that there’s never been a more exciting time to invest in a new kitchen in Long Island than now.