What better place to find inspiration for your dream kitchen than on the silver screen? At NDA Kitchens, we love to celebrate the best kitchen designs in Hollywood. And we’ve got some of the top movies featuring marvelous kitchens. Before you dig into our continued list, be sure to check out Part 1 of our blog post.

The Big Chill
One of the most memorable rooms from the house, the kitchen hosts one of the most memorable moments from the movie: the dance scene.

The kitchen inside The Big Chill features square backsplash tiles with small decals. Its butcher block countertops and white cabinets — still in style today — complement large windows with a great view of the water.

Simple and subtle, it’s the quintessential example of a weekend getaway house.

Father of the Bride
Set in a traditional Colonial home, the kitchen in Father of the Bride features butcher-block countertops and Windsor chairs surrounding a farm-style table.

Glass-fronted upper cabinets with lighting inside create the perfect “window pane” look. A pot rack hangs above an open island, welcoming family conversations, while French doors lead into the dining room.

Julie and Julia
Two great kitchens for two main characters.

In a competition between Julia’s house in Cambridge and Julie’s apartment in Queens, Julia’s wins the day.

Meticulously recreated from pictures of her original space, Julia’s kitchen features bright cabinets painted a beautiful shade of blue-green. But what really makes the difference is her collection of 1960s-era appliances: a mixer, wall oven and Peg-Board pull the design elements together.

A Single Man
A Single Man features a 1960s kitchen from the designer of Mad Men. Exposed wood beams and bright green countertops, appropriate for the era, create a striking mid-century interior. The ultra-evocative kitchen easily earns a spot on our list.

The Kids are All Right
Two words: bar stools.

The kitchen inside The Kids are All Right marries modern charm and cottage style. Loaded with details like concrete countertops and butcher blocks, the kitchen features a hutch as the main focal point in the middle of the room. Light fixtures over the table complete the unique look of this sweet and sensational kitchen.

The Princess Diaries
Set designers created the home in The Princess Diaries to match the typical San Francisco vintage firehouse, complete with a fireman’s pole.

A framed chalkboard on the wall, ideal for grocery lists, is both artistically creative and functional.

Filled with color, the kitchen features a bright patterned linoleum floor with tin-tile backsplash to match. And a “Meals at all hours” sign lets house guests know the beautiful kitchen is always open for business.

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