The Internet of Things (IoT) brought all types of objects to life — cars, buildings, appliances, and even garbage bins. With smart technology behind the wheel, the journey towards the digital revolution continues into the kitchen. With all our devices connected, talking to each other and growing more intelligent by the day, the bright future of smart kitchens promises an easier, more convenient life for busy people trying to put dinner on the table.

How bright is the future of smart kitchens? Bright — as in, grab your sunglasses. Expect touchscreens on every device, complete personalization and the brain power to recognize who is in the room. The kitchen devices of tomorrow can sync up with your schedule, manage your to-do list and help you pack a healthier bag lunch. GPS data can even help you gauge the ETA of the school bus. Hungry for more? Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Smart refrigerators

From managing groceries, to minimizing food waste, the smart refrigerator promises peace of mind. Cameras with image recognition software monitor refrigerator inventory, alerting you when the milk is low or past its expiration date. The fridge can update your shopping list and send it to your smart phone, so you buy only what you need at the grocery store. The smart device also links to third-party programs to generate recipes based on your available ingredients. Make the kitchen the center of your home with Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0.

Smart grill

An elite chef has an eye for cooking a meal to perfection. For the rest of us, the thermometer has long been our only chance at getting it right. Not anymore. Just input the weight and composition into the smart grill — including how you like it cooked best — and cook a flawless meal you can control from your mobile phone or other smart device. The All-Clad Electric Indoor Grill with Autosense takes the guesswork out of grilling your favorite foods.

Smart frying pan

Prefer to fry your chicken rather than grill it? Grab a smart frying pan and know exactly when to stick a fork in it — every time. One part temperature control, one part perfect timing, the smart frying pan monitors precisely what’s going on inside your chicken. Check out Hestan’s revolutionary Smart Cue Cooking System, ideal for beginner and experienced chefs alike.

Smart kitchen scale

Bake the perfect cake, cookie or confectionery, measuring the exact amount without measuring at all. Bluetooth technology connects your smart device to a kitchen scale. Just select a recipe, place a bowl on the scale, and add ingredients until the app says, “When.” Simply follow the directions and leave the measuring behind. The Perfect Portions Scale is a scale and nutritional calculator all in in one.

Smart smoothie maker

Keurig forever changed the coffee game with its K-cups. The same technology is making its way to the early morning or post-workout boost known as the smoothie. Rather than slice a banana, measure a cup of milk, scoop a tablespoon of peanut butter and count out six ice cubes, just drop in a cup, push a button and fuel up.  Take the first important step toward a healthy lifestyle with the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender.

Smart prep pad

Many modern diets call for macronutrient counting. (For the record, there are three macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates and protein). Generally, you would need a measuring cup, scale and calculator to prepare a balanced meal. The smart prep pad does the counting for you. Just place food on the Orange Chef Prep Pad Smart Food Scale for an overview of every ingredient and breakdown of every macronutrient. Reaching your health goals just got a whole lot smarter.

Smart fork

Want your chicken cooked at the perfect temperature? Just preprogram the magic number into the Polder Deluxe Smart Fork and wait for the beep. Select from seven preprogrammed settings and use the fork’s timer to simultaneously monitor more than one type of meat. Simply detach the tines at the push of a button for hygienic cleaning.

Smart coffee maker

Imagine the luxury of a morning espresso without feeling like you made one. Enter the smart coffee maker — the morning pick-me-up of your dreams. Just roll over in bed, push a button on your smart phone and a fresh cup of Joe is ready and waiting by the time you reach the kitchen. Enjoy an easier morning routine with the WeMo-enabled Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Optimal Brew Smart Coffeemaker.

Smart oven

More than just set it and forget it: Control it from your phone. Never again will being a couch potato exclude you from cooking real potatoes remotely from the living room. With options to regulate the temperature and timing, cooking dinner with pinpoint accuracy is always within reach. Get the right power at the right time with the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven.

Smart stove

By sensing what’s resting on top (a coffee cup, for example) and heating it to the perfect temperature, the smart stove turns you into a flawless cook. Sync the stove up to the baby monitor and watch the kids on display as you cook dinner. The smart stove can even track the time your baby spends napping. Being a Super Mom just got easier. Tackle any cooking task with efficiency and flexibility with the Samsung Chef Collection Slide-In Induction Range Oven.

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