There’s no denying that the idea of a brand new kitchen captures the imagination of most homeowners in Long Island. The opportunity to update the heart of the home with designs that make the room work better and look great is hugely appealing. Although it’s natural to approach kitchen remodeling with some trepidation, selecting the right company ensures that you’ll be pleased with the process as well as with the results. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to choose NDA Kitchen Company for your Long Island Kitchen remodel.

1. The Design/Build Difference

Many homeowners in Long Island begin their kitchen renovations by choosing a designer to sketch out their ideas. Typically, their next step is to search for a contractor who can build the project based on the designer’s plans. The trouble with this traditional approach is that the designer leaves the project early on, leaving the contractor to make critical final decisions about materials and installation. Whe you choose NDA, a skilled designer oversees your project from concept to completion, ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen makeover meets and exceeds your expectations.

2. A One-Stop-Shop Showroom

A kitchen remodeling project at NDA begins with a tour of our exclusive showroom with one of our talented designers at your side. Instead of driving all over town to different home improvement stores and plumbing suppliers to locate the best fixtures and features for your renovation, you’ll enjoy a one-stop-shopping experience that makes it easy to visualize your new kitchen. Staffed by more than 25 experts with skill sets that range from tile-setting to carpentry, you’ll have access to all the information that you need to make design choices for your kitchen renovation.

3. The NDA Start-to-Finish Experience

It’s the combination of skills, talents and resources that NDA brings to the table that sets us apart from ordinary kitchen contractors. As a full-service design/build company, NDA handles every aspect of the kitchen remodeling process, from design and material choices to installation. You never have to worry about managing multiple sub-contractors to bring your concept to fruition. A project manager will stay in close contact with you from start to finish, taking care of all of the details for you so you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

4. Founder Ed Rowland’s Commitment to Excellence

Founder Ed Rowland is the man behind NDA’s unique design/build philosophy. Ed combined his extensive knowledge of architecture and building with his personal passion for creating beautiful and functional designs to form a team of like-minded professionals who share his vision of start-to-finish kitchen remodeling. His leadership continues to drive the company’s exceptional array of design/build services for Long Island homeowners today.

5. Cost and Time Management

Runaway costs are a real problem with the traditional approach to kitchen renovations. It’s common for a contractor to deliberately under-estimate project costs to secure the job, and then continue to tack on expenses as the renovation progresses. At NDA, we provide our clients with a detailed proposal that lists everything included in the project so that you’ll never be surprised with unexpected expenses.

Our extensive experience in design/build projects allows us to estimate your project’s completion accurately as well. Once the installation is started, most of our kitchen remodels take around three weeks to complete. It’s not surprising that many of our discriminating clients use one word to describe their experience when they choose NDA Kitchen Company: value.