As old home renovation trends (oversized furniture, brushed metal and the “strictly antique” look, for example) slip out the door, homeowners are welcoming a whole new wave of trends. From the appliances on the kitchen counter, to the finish on a unique grain of wood, to the outdoor feel of an indoor shower, NDA Kitchens presents the latest home renovation trends for 2018.

Matte appliances
The bold gray tones of matte appliances continue holding strong as a home renovation trendsetter. A stylish substitute to stainless steel, the matte finish strips away distractions, forcing the object to speak for itself. Matte appliances introduce a versatile layer to home design, adding not just depth to kitchen composition but also a counterpoint to other finishes.

Marble and brass combinations
Either marble or brass standing on its own makes a statement. Together, marble and brass form one seriously popular home renovation trend for 2018.

Marble made its way from the top boards on Pinterest to all areas of the home, including the kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners even use faux marble wallpaper to spruce up accent walls and powder rooms with something soft and subdued.

Making a recent comeback, brass finishes boast shiny golden tones without the price tag. Satin and brushed brass top the trendsetter list as muted and warm alternatives to the reflective finish of polished brass.

Dare homeowners combine something as natural and clean as white marble with something as industrial and hard as brass? Absolutely. The complete package gives you the best of both beautiful worlds.

The laundry room upgrade
Kitchen and bathroom remodels typically make up the bulk of the home renovation budget. However, the latest design trends have homeowners searching for ways to make every space look great. At the top of the laundry list: none other than the laundry room. What’s in style for 2018? More light, smarter storage and better function. Simply, a functional space that makes you feel good.

Cerused wood
Basically a lime wash, a cerused finish brings out the unique grain of wood. Once popular in the high-end market, the home design trend is making a comeback and trickling down to more budget friendly projects. Just about universally accepted, cerused wood looks brilliant in not just smaller pieces like cabinets but also larger pieces like tables, chairs and storage furniture.

Jewel tones
This bright alternative to boring beige brings a dose of bling into the home. Emerald green, amethyst and other deep jewel tones introduce vibrant, rich hues. The same pastel colors found in nature now appear as popular home themes. Add as many jewel tones as you like, from a few accent pieces to an entire jewel-toned color scheme.

Outdoor-feeling indoor showers
Refreshing, elegant and surrounded by nature, who doesn’t love an outdoor shower? The problem: outdoor showers are far from practical as a year-round commodity. The solution: indoor showers that feel outdoorsy. Bathrooms in intimate courtyards and strategic sites help homeowners connect deeply with the great outdoors but also maintain the privacy of an indoor shower.

Nailhead details
A modern take on a classic accent for upholstered pieces, nailhead details are making an appearance in a variety of ways, from storage chests and credenzas to even base plates of lighting fixtures. No longer just for trim or fastening fabric to furniture, designers use nailheads to jazz up furniture with unique patterns, creating endless possibilities.

Subway tiles
Subway tiles are hardly new. In 2018, the design trend is making its mark on our generation. Classic, versatile and affordable at any price point, subway tiles work with all types of aesthetics, lifestyles and budgets. Select from a variety of materials, colors and finishes or add a matte glass to combine trends. For a gorgeous way to do neutrals, pair subway tiles with large marble squares and a basket weave. Select a high-gloss, beveled subway tile for a shiny, sassy take on the classic, farmhouse-inspired trend.

Smart home features
Smart devices are making their way from our pockets to our homes. In 2018, expect more creative ways for incorporating devices into the design of your home. A new generation of smart furniture is also just around the bend. Consider voice-activated assistants part of the overall smart home features trend.

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