Imagine transforming any or every room in your house in as little as one weekend without breaking your back or your budget. NDA Kitchens hopes to make your next home improvement project quick, easy and impossible for your house guests to ignore.

  1. Refresh the rooms.

Rule number one for simple, fast and budget-friendly home improvement projects: paint is great.

Simply freshen up a few drab, washed-out walls to transform an old space into a clean and updated room, adding value to your home. Just grab a few friends, put on some tunes and wrap up the job in a weekend.

A word to the wise: neutral colors appeal to most people and thus make your home more desirable. But you can still get that signature pop of color without scaring future potential buyers away. Enter the accent wall.

Just pick your favorite bold color and paint or wallpaper one wall as the accent. This trendy concept costs less than painting or wallpapering all four walls, saves you time and still gives you the refreshed room you desire.

You can even get creative and paint accent colors in unexpected places like interior doors, floors, ceilings (also known as the fifth wall), staircases and even furniture and dining chairs. The only limit is your imagination.

  1. Power wash the exterior.

Power up your next outdoor cleaning project with a pressure washer (also known as a power washer). It’s one of the least expensive cleaning tools to save you money today and prevent costly repairs to your home and property down the road.

Easily blast away wet leaves, mildew, automotive leaks and other stains on exterior surfaces from sidewalks, walkways and driveways to brick or wood patios and more. You can also de-grime your home’s exterior and prevent permanent damage to gutters, siding and even second floor windows.

Compared to regular cleaning methods — mixing cleaning solutions, climbing ladders, scrubbing endlessly — power washing saves you valuable time, energy and headaches.

  1. Swap out the switch covers.

You could wait until your light switch covers crack or break to replace them. Or you could swap them out today just for being boring, ugly or outdated.

Consider a micro makeover for all those “same old” shabby light switch covers. This tiny change pays off in a big way every time you flip on the lights.

Put a modern twist on your switch covers with design options ranging from antique brass to fresh painted colors to graphics. Get as creative as you like — anything goes from magazine decoupage to bright and bold spray paint.

  1. Set the mood with lamp dimmers.

Along with fine dining comes an inviting and romantic ambiance, compliments of dimmed lighting. Swap out a few light switches and you can enjoy the same classy atmosphere inside your own home.

Think it costs a fortune to introduce soft and warm ambient lighting into your home? Think again. For just the right lighting at just the right price, lamp dimmers deliver exceptional value. Imagine saving not just money but also energy and even the planet.

Dimmers save energy by reducing the power sent to a bulb. Less power to the bulb also reduces stress on the filament, extending the life of the bulb. Saving electricity can also mean reducing power plant pollution. And throwing fewer bulbs away can mean reducing landfill clutter. You can also consider other lighting options for the most trafficked room in your home, like the kitchen.

  1. Install vinyl tile flooring.

Vinyl tile flooring is the hidden gem of quick, easy and inexpensive home improvement projects. Put just the tiniest of dents in your wallet to beautify any space from the kitchen to the bathroom to the laundry room and more.

Go with modern peel-and-stick vinyl tiles for a quick fix to an outdated concrete or old wooden floor. Browse a range of patterns from stone to wood to metal and install the tiles in no time. Value is the name of the game for this highly popular home improvement trend.

  1. Enhance the entrance.

The front door represents a huge part of your home’s first impression. Make it a good one with a few quick and easy fixes.

A new front door — or even a fresh coat of paint on an old door — creates a dramatic change to enhance your home’s curb appeal. The more subtle options range from repainting the exterior trim to replacing the house numbers to installing outdoor lighting.

You would be surprised just how much an updated front door enhances the look of your entire home.

  1. Install a new backsplash.

Backsplash is the backbone of all kitchen décor. The problem for most homeowners is budget (or lack thereof). Tile backsplash may be expensive but you have options. It’s possible to create subtle changes at an affordable price.

A budget-friendly backsplash project can include simple materials such as tin ceiling tiles, wooden headboard, wallpaper, stainless steel, chalkboard or magnetic paint. You can finish in a weekend, save a ton of money in the process and still amaze your house guests. Ready to ramp up your next home improvement project? Reach out to NDA Kitchens today!