Consider the amount of time you spend in the kitchen: for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the snacks, chats and hangouts in between. Perhaps, the greatest gathering spot in the whole house, every kitchen deserves the best seating arrangement for the space. You need to get it just right.

Seating is the cornerstone of the eat-in kitchen. The eat-in kitchen is convenient (eat right where you cook), casual (a place to sit and chat) and carefree (easy to clean). You can cook and dine in the same place. It’s perfect.

Imagine the chance to sit and savor your morning meal rather than grab a granola bar and bolt out the door; to sit and chat rather than eat and run; to host the kids for breakfast and your houseguests for dinner and dessert. Is it time to rethink your kitchen design? Let us help you get creative and smart.

The breakfast nook

Bigger isn’t always better — and the breakfast nook is the perfect example. A delightful balance of comfort and efficiency, the small and quaint nook is a cozy and charming solution for accommodating more people in a smaller area to maximize the space in your kitchen.

What makes for a good nook? Simple. A small table or bistro set into a sunny alcove or corner — ideally, within a bay window — tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Just add two or three small chairs or trade traditional kitchen chairs for a cushioned bench or love seat. Done and done.

The breakfast nook creates an equally intimate and casual setting. Aesthetically, plan for your nook to complement — not copy — the rest of the kitchen. For endless possibilities in personality and identity, experiment with different colors, patterns and textures.

The banquette

Even small spaces can be functional and fun. The nostalgic charm of the banquette sets the stage for casual dining: ideal for breakfast and after-school snacks, but not the best option for a formal dinner.

The banquette boasts efficient use of space. You get more seating options without losing valuable kitchen real estate. For a smart alternative to a kitchen overly cramped by a big table and chairs, simply tuck an L-shaped banquette into the corner with a tiny table to match.

For added portability in a tight space, supplement banquette seating with two easily movable chairs.  For added panache, tuck the banquette into a beautiful alcove or bay window rather than just a regular old corner.

The booth

The booth brings the classic restaurant experience right into your kitchen. The enclosed, cozy and comfy space encourages the finest in home leisurely dining. The versatile option hosts everything from the first cup of coffee in the morning, to breakfast with the kids, to dinner with the whole family.

The typical booth accommodates seating for four without blocking the window (an added bonus to let in the warm morning sunshine). You can optimize the space by adding storage under the flip-up seats. Functional and fashionable, the booth adds a unique flair and distinct personality to any style kitchen.

The bar stool

Equally functional and stylish, the bar stool elevates the practical and aesthetic appeal of the home dining and lounging experience. Classic and cool, the bar stool adds comfortable seating around a table, island or bar without taking up visual space.

Modern bar stools are ubiquitous kitchen additions designed for everyone: from family and friends, to guests and grandkids. The same fun place for kids to enjoy an after-school snack doubles as a place for guests to hang out during parties and meals. The bar stool was made for the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

The bench

Once reserved for picnics at the park, the bench slowly made its way into the modern kitchen. Growing more popular by the day, this easily movable option with flexible seating works wonders in a rustic kitchen, but lends the versatility to fit in any type of modern kitchen.

A great option for large families, bench seating brings everyone closer together. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers can all connect side by side in a unique way unavailable with individual chairs. An added bonus: you can mix and match. Put a bench against the wall on one side of the table and add a few extra chairs on the other side. Let your imagination guide the way.

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