Many homeowners in Long Island dream of customizing their kitchens to better fit their busy lifestyles and accommodate their household’s unique culinary needs. As the largest and most functional feature in the hard-working room, kitchen cabinets get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to personalizing the space. Well-designed cabinetry gives you the functionality that you need to prepare meals and perfect recipes efficiently, and quality materials and artful finishes elevate the style of the hard-working room. To make your dream of the perfect kitchen a reality, the first question that you’ll need to answer is whether to reface or replace your cabinets. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which option is best for you.

The Condition of Your Current Kitchen Cabinets

Some cabinets built decades ago feature a more solid construction than the cheaper alternatives installed in newer kitchens. If your cabinets are made from hardwood and are in fairly good condition, cabinet refacing may be the right choice between reface or replace. Your remodeling team can remove the doors and drawer fronts and resurface them with a fresh finish that will make your quality cabinets look like new. Decked out with new hardware and trim, cabinet refacing lets you switch up the style of the cabinetry too.

Your Kitchen’s Layout

If your major complaint about your existing kitchen is a poor kitchen layout, refacing the cabinets won’t solve the problem. Ideally, cabinets should make all the items that you store in your kitchen easily accessible so you can breeze through cooking and cleaning tasks in high style. The last thing you want to invest your hard-earned money in cabinet refacing only to discover that your kitchen still doesn’t work the way you want it. A skilled design/build contractor can analyze your current layout to determine whether a new cabinet configuration would make your Long Island kitchen a more functional space.

Budgeting and Scheduling

When it comes to minimizing costs and completion times, cabinet refacing wins, hands down. The entire project can be completed in days for a fraction of the cost of a custom cabinetry installation. It’s important to remember, however, that it’s not an all-or-nothing operation. The best kitchen remodeling contractors, such as NDA, have experience in both types of cabinet makeovers and can customize your project according to your needs, budget and time schedule.

One popular cabinet refacing option, for example, is to upgrade the glides on kitchen drawers. Many Long Island homeowners opt for replacing the drawers entirely. You may choose to update your flooring, backsplash, countertops and appliances at the same time as well. You can even have additional cabinets built to match your newly refaced units.

Style Considerations

In cabinet refacing projects, the drawer and cabinet fronts are fitted with new coverings. The type of material used greatly impacts the finished look. Painted finishes come in every color imaginable. Wood veneer finishes are available in a broad range of wood species, including cherry, maple, oak, birch and walnut. Although plastic laminate and rigid thermofoil materials are available in look-alike wood finishes, they can’t match the rich look of real wood veneers.

If the style and quality of your kitchen cabinets is your first priority, new custom cabinets are likely your best option. Replacements offer you the opportunity to personalize every square inch of your cabinets too, creating a look and style that’s unique and distinct to your Long Island kitchen. In the end, the decision to reface or replace is a matter of personal taste. Whether you choose a facelift for your kitchen or a start-from-scratch makeover, the right remodeling company can bring your dream of the ideal kitchen to life.