Testimonial 1 (Daniel)

When researching companies to perform my kitchen renovation through Angie’s List, I came across NDA which had many glowing reviews. Given the horror stories most people tell about home renovations, it was hard to believe that this could be true. Now that my project is complete, I am pleased to say that NDA exceeded expectations. Samantha (designer) was very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and flexible.

We are very happy with the outcome of what has been built based on the space, our requests, and her design acumen. Before the project began we received a work schedule for every day which the team actually finished ahead of schedule on several occasions. Michelle (Customer Service Manager) was in contact with me every day throughout the process – promptly responding to inquiries, providing comprehensive explanations, and just a pleasure to work with.

I met a number of workers and they were very friendly, courteous to neighbors, clean, and responsive to my inquiries. On more than one occasion they went above and beyond in addressing a request I made to have something is done that was not included in the contract. The experience with NDA was fantastic; I would not hesitate to use them again.

Daniel in Lynbrook