Testimonial 2 (Rodney)

After more than a year of extensive research, to plan our kitchen project, and reviewing numerous price quotes and evaluations of contractors we chose to go with NDA Kitchens. NDA had the very best of reviews and we liked the fact that they handled every aspect of the project.

We were somewhat skeptical at first that they could go from a complete rip out to a complete renovation in 4 to 6 weeks, after hearing stories about other contractors taking months to get such projects completed, but when they agreed to the performance terms in their contract with us we knew they were genuine.

We received a complete and very detailed construction schedule – indicating that the job would run 20 days and the schedule showed every detail as to what would be accomplished and on what day.

Each day a different crew showed up of 3 to 4 guys each specializing in one aspect of the job ( and they performed each aspect with expertise). Every day a project supervisor showed up in the morning to ensure everything was understood by the crews and by us as to what would be accomplished for that day. And again every afternoon we saw the same project manager pop in to check on progress. Their coordination and project management and communication with us were outstanding.

They even have one person in the office tasked with follow-up and scheduling to ensure that you have someone to speak with even if the project manager isn’t on-site and she will make sure that any questions with regard to the project are answered promptly should you need to talk to someone.

The Workmanship, the cleanup, and the care with which they accomplished their tasks also was also exemplary. They are truly a cut above their competitors in every aspect of performance and I highly recommend them. We could not be happier with the way in which our new kitchen transformed our home- it is everything we hoped it would be.

Rodney in Nesconset