NDA Kitchens is an amazing company! Not only is the quality of the work the best, they also take care of all the little things that usually become headaches. Everyone at NDA, from the owner to the office staff, goes above and beyond to help you complete your project quickly. You feel like they are your family. So many wonderful people. Ed is a great person and knowledgeable and experienced. He is kind and responsive to any concerns that come up up during the project. Michelle is a wizard with permits. Others that were great: Carl, Mike, Rich, Nicole, Danielle, Jason, Anthony, Courtney and Walter. If you have a house project you need done the right way, use NDA Kitchens!”

Doris From Fort Salonga

NDA kitchens came to my wife and I was highly recommended by several friends and a co-worker. From the minute you walk into the showroom and are greeted you can see for yourself the class and professionalism of this company. We received service that is absolutely beyond belief. From Walter our salesman to Courtney our Project Manager. Every step of the renovation was clearly explained to us.

Every night we received an email that described the following day’s work that was to be completed by the team, the time they could be expected to arrive. Not just one or two but every employee of NDA that walked through the door was professional, courteous, and outstanding at their profession. The job was expected to be completed in 16 days it was completed a day early.

The pictures speak for themselves, although they in no way show just how super a job was really done. If you are in the market for a renovation of a kitchen I can assure you there is no finer, professional company out there like NDA. I so highly recommend the company and their work, you will never find a contractor better than NDA. Remember one important fact which in this case is so so true “You Get What You Pay For.” I can assure you will not be disappointed.

John in Kings Park

What a wonderful experience this was working with NDA!!! They just completed the downstairs of my home – kitchen, dining room, foyer, and powder room. Everybody was so incredibly accommodating and detail-oriented. John, Michelle, and Courtney went above and beyond every step of the way. It was such a pleasure working with them – I can’t say enough good things. They finished exactly on time, with attention to every detail being perfect! We will absolutely be using NDA for all our future projects.
Very Truly Yours,

Ilissa in Merrick

If you want to renovate your kitchen like they do on those tv shows, and if you simply want to tell someone what you want and then have them miraculously deliver, you need to call NDA Kitchens. We recently renovated our entire kitchen, and NDA made the experience easy and comfortable. Not only did they complete the renovation in 4 weeks, just like they promised, but they also took care of any problems that arose along the way.

They took care of everything, from drawing up my design wishes to ordering supplies, to planning a detailed day-by-day schedule, to following that schedule perfectly. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the kitchen done correctly and on time. A big thank you to John, Michelle, Mike, Tommy, Chris and the rest of the group! You really are the best. I highly recommend NDA Kitchens!

Diana in Northport

After more than a year of extensive research, to plan our kitchen project, and reviewing numerous price quotes and evaluations of contractors we chose to go with NDA Kitchens. NDA had the very best of reviews and we liked the fact that they handled every aspect of the project.

We were somewhat skeptical at first that they could go from a complete rip out to a complete renovation in 4 to 6 weeks, after hearing stories about other contractors taking months to get such projects completed, but when they agreed to the performance terms in their contract with us we knew they were genuine.

We received a complete and very detailed construction schedule – indicating that the job would run 20 days and the schedule showed every detail as to what would be accomplished and on what day.

Each day a different crew showed up of 3 to 4 guys each specializing in one aspect of the job ( and they performed each aspect with expertise). Every day a project supervisor showed up in the morning to ensure everything was understood by the crews and by us as to what would be accomplished for that day. And again every afternoon we saw the same project manager pop in to check on progress. Their coordination and project management and communication with us were outstanding.

They even have one person in the office tasked with follow-up and scheduling to ensure that you have someone to speak with even if the project manager isn’t on-site and she will make sure that any questions with regard to the project are answered promptly should you need to talk to someone.

The Workmanship, the cleanup, and the care with which they accomplished their tasks also was also exemplary. They are truly a cut above their competitors in every aspect of performance and I highly recommend them. We could not be happier with the way in which our new kitchen transformed our home- it is everything we hoped it would be.

Rodney in Nesconset

When researching companies to perform my kitchen renovation through Angie’s List, I came across NDA which had many glowing reviews. Given the horror stories most people tell about home renovations, it was hard to believe that this could be true. Now that my project is complete, I am pleased to say that NDA exceeded expectations. Samantha (designer) was very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and flexible.

We are very happy with the outcome of what has been built based on the space, our requests, and her design acumen. Before the project began we received a work schedule for every day which the team actually finished ahead of schedule on several occasions. Michelle (Customer Service Manager) was in contact with me every day throughout the process – promptly responding to inquiries, providing comprehensive explanations, and just a pleasure to work with.

I met a number of workers and they were very friendly, courteous to neighbors, clean, and responsive to my inquiries. On more than one occasion they went above and beyond in addressing a request I made to have something is done that was not included in the contract. The experience with NDA was fantastic; I would not hesitate to use them again.

Daniel in Lynbrook

To Ed Rowland and the Entire Staff at NDA Kitchens,

In recent years we had the opportunity to hire people to do some jobs we had previously done ourselves. When we first realized we could do this it was an exciting thought.

Though our experience was not always negative, in many cases we were not prepared to deal with the frustrations we encountered. Once we found the person we thought would be right for the job, we had to trust that they would do it well, return our phone calls, and show up when they were supposed to. Unfortunately, we were often disappointed. So in fact what we thought was going to be a “carefree” experience often turned out to have its own sets of frustrations.

This was never the case in our dealings with NDA Kitchens. From the very beginning when we first stepped into the showroom we were greeted with enthusiasm, treated with respect, and provided with the information we needed. If we asked a question that was not readily answerable the staff always called with an answer in a timely manner.

So equipped with our initial positive encounters and with recommendations from two friends who had experience with your company we decided to have NDA Kitchens do our renovation. Not once did we regret our decision.

Each team of trade professionals not only did an excellent job in their trade but was considerate in answering our questions and addressing our concerns. When we wanted to make a change from the original plans on a couple of occasions either the project director or the tradesperson worked with us to make the change or helped us understand why it would not be feasible. We never felt like we were being “put off”.

Coincidently while this job was going on I was reading a book entitled The Speed of Trust by Steven R. Covey. The book, written by a man well known in the business world, examines how building trust can benefit leaders and organizations. It discusses how this trust climate is even more important after the many recent examples in corporate America that have inspired the “lack of trust”.

I could not help but make parallels between my experience with NDA Kitchens and Covey’s discussion of the “trust dividend” that benefits leaders and organizations to do things better, faster, and at a lower cost.

Your company has earned our trust. We would both recommend NDA Kitchens to anyone who wants to have a renovation. We think you and your employees not only provide quality work but also work hard at demonstrating respect and showing integrity.

Thanks for a beautiful kitchen and living room/dining room renovation and for the positive experience.

Sincerely, Judy & Jim Johnsen (Bayport)