Get Inspired by these 5 Kitchen Brands

Whether you’re visiting a friend, flipping through a magazine or browsing the web, inspiration for your dream kitchen can strike anywhere at any moment. At NDA Kitchens, we love to get our clients excited about the newest and trendiest products from the industry’s leading brands. Need a jump-start to kick your creative juices into gear? Get inspired by the top five pioneering kitchen brands we use every day right here at NDA Kitchens.

  1. Kitchen Craft: A beautiful kitchen to capture any style.

Kitchen Craft gives every homeowner a reason to get inspired. The brand delivers on every style and taste, from casual to contemporary to rustic to traditional.

Kitchen Craft perfectly captures the causal style, creating a harmony that says “home” and a personalized space that says “you.” The brand mixes ideas, elements and eclectic accessories to evoke senses of freedom, non-conformity and self-expression. Traditional detailing blends into a modern base for a delightful balance of relaxation and refinement.

The same kitchen brand also nails contemporary style by walking a fine line between utilitarian and modern. Imagine open spaces, clean lines and subtle hints of large scale, bold embellishments dominated by more natural tones. Sleek, smooth and polished facades elevate the elegance of Kitchen Craft’s bold, cultured, streamlined and unmistakably contemporary kitchen décor.

For the rustic-inclined, Kitchen Craft exudes a quaint, familiar, timeless and lived-in vibe. Sometimes raw and weathered, sometimes softly distressed, each piece from the brand invites the natural charm of the great outdoors—from carved woods to heavy copper or iron—into your home. Decorations inspired by nature or personal memories meet a spectrum of warm and relaxing colors to tell a long and rich story.

Even homeowners with a taste for the traditional style can build their dream kitchen. Ornate, rich and decorative, Kitchen Craft’s take on traditional style feels elegant, inviting and reminiscent of a not-so-distant past. Various colors, elaborate motifs and blended materials breathe new life into century-old styling, embodying the golden age of Europe. Symmetry and balance maintain order and refinement in a character-defining “busy” style.

  1. Brookhaven: Beautiful, durable and functional cabinets.

A semi-custom line of made-to-order cabinetry, Brookhaven promises flexibility and value in every product, available in a variety of sizes, finishes and special-purpose units.

Two complete lines—one featuring frameless construction and the other featuring a “full frame” design—give you a choice between modern and traditional style.

From the beauty of painted and hand-stained finishes to the durability of solid maple wood drawer boxes to the functionality of adjustable shelves, the end result is dependable kitchen cabinetry made exclusively for you.

  1. Wood-Mode: Bring your one-of-a-kind kitchen design to life.

Discover architecture and designs inspired by American, European and contemporary styles.

For the American-inspired kitchen, Wood-Mode creates diverse spaces drawn from across the country and across history.

From the ornate elegance of Old World cabinetry to the casual warmth of French and English country kitchens, Wood-Mode brings continental style to life with high-quality products designed to stand the test of time.

For the contemporary kitchen, Wood-Mode gravitates towards a softer, more transitional style, hallmarked by modern design elements such as clean lines and minimal embellishment.

  1. Executive Cabinetry: Designed for your home, wallet and planet.

Executive Cabinetry identifies as custom cabinetry at semi-custom prices. The kitchen brand makes every style upgrade the perfect fit for your home, your wallet and even the environment.

Affordable pricing meets top-of-the-line materials in cabinet solutions designed with a careful eye towards fashion. Hundreds of door style combinations and a nearly endless array of colors satisfy your desire for a custom kitchen while a factory-certified warranty on material and workmanship puts your mind at ease.

The custom brand takes pride in building industry-leading cabinetry with a unique focus on craftsmanship, styling and flexibility.

  1. Artizen: Top quality in a custom cabinetry model.

Artizen captures the essence of American-made sleek and contemporary European styling with clean lines, simple beauty and full access construction all wrapped into one custom cabinetry model.

A wide variety of options in details small and large makes every Artizen kitchen uniquely yours.

Artizen believes quality is in the detail. The kitchen brand fancies hand applied finishes to create the finest handcrafted look. And a limited lifetime warranty means your dream kitchen can washstand the test of time.

Put your inspiration to work.

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