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Top Five Reasons to Consider a Kitchen Renovation

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Refresh Any Wear and Tear

The kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in your home, so mild to moderate damage is likely to occur over time and with regular use. The most careful homeowners will start to notice dings, dents, or wear on kitchen cabinets, counters, walls, and flooring eventually. And, even the highest quality products and materials will ultimately age due to daily wear and tear.

A kitchen renovation can be as time-efficient and straightforward as refacing existing cabinets with laminate or changing up worn countertops, backsplash tile, and flooring, for a stunning, new look. All of which can be achieved without the hassle of an extensive overhaul.

Improve the Flow

As families grow and working remotely has altered life at home for so many, a lot of homeowners realize it is indeed time to update their kitchen functionality to accommodate more family time, cooking, and entertaining.  A narrow or cramped kitchen layout can typically be solved with a few tweaks. Consider redesigning your kitchen with custom-built options or changing the layout with an island or peninsulas.

Amp Up Storage

Beat clutter and added stress by incorporating smarter, more user-friendly kitchen storage solutions. If your kitchen lacks efficient storage, you can amp up your world with a score of new solutions. Properly store all of your kitchen gadgets, pantry items, and small appliances — there’s practically a storage solution for everything!


 Improve Your Home’s Environment

Did you know that there is potential for the air in your home to be harmful? Many older kitchens may contain materials that can emit toxins into the atmosphere of your home. For instance, certain fiberboards and man-made pressed wood products can contain formaldehyde and other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that may cause many health concerns.

Look for environmentally friendly and low VOC emitting products such as natural wood for cabinets or non-porous countertops, including natural stone, solid surface or  Cambria quartz, and other eco-friendly materials.


Ready to Get the Kitchen You Deserve?

Over time, kitchen cabinet and counter styles go out of fashion, while other looks remain timeless. The team at NDA Kitchens are trained to help you make selections that will stand the test of time. Don’t allow an outdated kitchen to keep you from enjoying your home. Call NDA Kitchens at (631)360-8949 to schedule your free consultation today!

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